What is Boudoir with Creative Collections?

Boudoir by definition is a "private" space, designed as a romantic, luxurious ambiance in which to relax, dress, sleep, put on makeup, and affirm your inner, as well as outward beauty! The idea behind a boudoir session, or as I call them "Confidence Shoots" is to re-discover, or discover for the first time what has always been there that you may need a reminder to see. All women, and men are fashioned uniquely, and I want your uniqueness to shine proudly before, during, and after every session! We are our own worst critic most of the time so I am here to show not just you but, myself what we may be missing. A safe, loving, creative, and comforting space made special for each new, or returning client no matter the extent of what we wear, or what we do not!